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QGel® AssaysQGel® Cell µ-Environment Assays mimic the human physiological environment

The extracellular matrix (ECM) surrounding an in vivo cell regulates that cell's dynamic behavior and influences cell signaling.
In order to better study drug efficacy on cell growth it is necessary to study these effects in its ECM environment.

Improve predictive power with QGel
The need for cell µ-environment assays

Conventional cell-based assays work for many applications but they have their limitations. For this reason, the industry is shifting to physiologically relevant models. more info

Replicate the µ-environment

QGel Matrix is a bioactive, synthetic hydrogel that is bioengineered with biomolecules such as ECM peptides and proteins. more info

QGel® AssaysQGel® Cell µ-Environment Assays

Cells are encapsulated in QGel's bioactive artificial extracellular matrix, and thousands of drugs are tested rapidly and reproducibly.more info

QGel® Hydrogel Matrix

QGel's physiological cell µ-environment assays accurately identify compound efficacy, reduce costs and help bring drugs to market faster. more info

The curse of attrition in R&D

Only one drug receives approval for every 10'000 compounds screened. Better pre-clinical models are needed to reduce cost and bring new drugs to market. more info

Readouts & Efficacy Endpoints

Effects of compounds on cell behavior are measured to generate image, biomarker and proliferation data to accurately profile compounds. more info

About us

Reviving Drug Innovation. QGel headquarters is located in Lausanne, Switzerland. Equipped with a hydrogel manufacturing unit and fully automated drug screening facilities, we are uniquely positioned to perform cell µ-environment assays in high throughput.

Faced with unprecedented market pressures, the pharmaceutical industry is adopting QGel technology to discover and develop new drugs. QGel performs cell µ-environment assays for pharmaceutical customers around the world. more info