QGel functional drug testing

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What is QGel

QGel is a biomedical technology company specialized in organoid applications and solutions.


Our proprietary hydrogel technology, designed to mimic the microenvironment surrounding cells inside the human body, is capable of growing patient cells from biopsy outside of the body, while maintaining the key biomarkers from the patient’s originating tissue.


This novel innovation provides the ability to test many potential anti-cancer therapies on patient cancer avatars, ex vivo, to observe how each tumor clone responds to each therapy option, giving oncologists insight to expected patient response.

Our vision is to
Transform Cancer Care

Every patient is unique.

The future success of health care will depend on the ability to accurately model the complex nature of patient biology in order to identify which drug regimens will work for each individual patient.

At QGel, we seek to accelerate this development.

Making big data
Smart data

We aim to combine our live-cell drug testing technology with the latest developments in genomic sequencing and machine-based learning to integrate clinical and molecular data into actionable data that will improve patient outcome.