Innovator of the Month Interview by Alessia Baldo and Martina Genta
1 Jun 2018

QGel is a Swiss start-up based at Lausanne’s Innovation Park, which develops synthetic extracellular matrices (ECM) for the growth of cells outside the body. The ECM is an important material that surrounds cells of the human body, which helps regulate tissue development and maintain homeostasis. Depending on the tissue – eye, bone, brain, muscle, etc., the ECM provides specific biological, biochemical and mechanical cues that affects cell proliferation and tissue health. QGel specializes in creating cell-specific synthetic ECMs that can sustain growth of different cell-types, including freshly isolated patient cells as well as established organoids, offering novel applications for more accurate in vitro disease models.  These models can be used as a tool to influence clinical decision-making and save lives. QGel has raised CHF 20M of funding so far and is part of the Scale Up Vaud Community. We interviewed Dr. Colin Sanctuary, CEO & founder of QGel.

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