Standardizing Patient Derived Organoids

For Next Generation Drug Development

Patient-derived organoid disease models

QGel's novel ex vivo disease models have shown 91% accuracy in predicting in vivo drug response.


For every 100 drugs that enter clinical trials, only 3 will make it. Late stage attrition in clinical development translates into $ billions spent annually on ineffective drugs. The recent breakthrough of organoid technology allows drug researchers to identify ineffective drugs before entering the expensive clinical phase.

Harnessing patient biology to make more informed decisions.

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QGel Organoid Kit

Drug test solutions, available together or separately, include:

Patient-derived organoids, with

  • Characterization data
  • Patient consent & tissue traceability
  • Patient diagnostic & treatment data

Synthetic hydrogel matrices for organoid culture, with

  • Fully defined composition
  • Batch-to-batch consistency
  • Protocols for high throughput screening and downstream analyses


Drug Screening
with QGel Organoids

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