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Who we are

Founded in 2009 in Lausanne, Switzerland, QGel has gathered together a highly qualified and enthusiastic mix of biologists, life sciences engineers, biochemists and materials scientists who are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that improve patient care.

The foundation of every research project and partnership collaboration undertaken is driven by evidence-based science and governed by our values of Teamwork, Respect, Trust, Commitment and Courage.


Founder & CEO

Dr. Colin Sanctuary

Passionate and driven by a powerful vision, Colin is an entrepreneur at heart. Biomedical Engineer by training, he founded QGel after working in Marketing and Sales in large multi-national healthcare corporations.

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Simone Rizzi

Simone leads operations at QGel and his passion is to translate cutting-edge technical and scientific developments into innovative solutions to improve patient care.

Director of Marketing

Ryder Clifford

Ryder is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for market validation & development of early stage companies that have the potential to improve the world.  He now leads QGel’s commercial efforts.


Laboratory Technician

Katia Antoniello

Driven by the broad range of applications of QGel products, Katia participates proactively with the team to ensure and develop an innovative and state-of-art technology.

Project Specialist-Oncology

Cara Buchanan

Cara is a biomedical engineer with extensive 3D cell culture experience. She is highly motivated by the rapidly evolving and interdisciplinary nature of research at the interface of oncology and bioengineering.

Life Sciences Engineer

Nicolas Chartier

Nicolas is a curiosity-driven researcher, considering science exploration as a way to improve life for everyone. He focuses on cell biology and microscopy imaging.

Lab Technician Coordinator

Christine di Natale

Christine is a lab technician with organization and practical skills that allow her to work and help scientists deliver on QGel’s mission to save and improve lives, today and for generations to come.

Life Sciences Engineer

Franck Coumailleau

Cell Biologist Expert with strong experience in Stem Cell Biology and Oncology diseases, Franck is passionate about developing translational research projects to make life better for patients.

Senior Life Sciences Engineer

Sophie Crettaz

Sophie loves the challenge of using her life sciences engineer background to create mini-organs for better patient care. She dedicates her energy to run projects on cancer & QGel lab management.

Life Sciences Engineer

Giulia Fregni

Motivated by her wish to contribute to the development of clinical applications for translational cancer research, Giulia is a passionate researcher with a strong background in cancer and immune cell biology.

Life Sciences Engineer

Mathieu Heulot

Mathieu is a passionate researcher committed to translating scientific knowledge into innovative and concrete solutions beneficial for humanity.

Laboratory Technician

Marc Sugnaux

Inspired by game changing innovations, Marc dedicates his technical and analytical skills to the development, production and quality control of QGel products.

Senior Life Scientist

Jeremy Touati

Jeremy is a biochemist passionate about transforming health innovations into viable products to save patient lives. He now leads the development and manufacturing of QGel products.

Lab facilities

QGel Modern Infrastructure

At QGel, we have the infrastructure and staff to develop cell-based assays from beginning to end. Our state-of-the-art biology, biochemistry and manufacturing laboratories make QGel a one-of-a-kind facility to innovate and manufacture target-specific cell-based assays based on QGel’s ECM hydrogel technology.


QGel Manufacturing Facilities

Production of QGel Vials and Assay Kits is done in-house at our cutting-edge facilities. Only high-quality grade raw materials are used to ensure superior product reproducibility.


QGel Biology Labs

All assays at QGel are developed and validated for automated laboratory systems. The high-throughput screening facility at QGel consists of liquid-handling robots, high-content imaging, plate readers, gene-expression devices and more.


QGel Biochemistry Labs

Innovation and development of QGel extracellular microenvironments for specific targets and cancer-types is done in-house by qualified scientists.


Impeccable Quality

All operations, whether for product development, manufacturing or assay development, are executed diligently and with client quality expectations in mind. QGel employees understand the importance of scientific method in assay development, and the importance delivering results and products to our clients based on solid scientific evidence.


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