Founded in 2009, QGel is a start-up company based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Active in the pharmaceutical sector, QGel uses a propri- etary cell technology platform to custom-design in vitro cell-based assays. Our customers use QGel products for specialized tests and perform analytical methods to develop drugs against cancer.

Innovation, based on solid scientific evidence, is embedded in QGel’s DNA and we are always looking for highly competent team members committed to solving complex problems with this approach.

If you feel that your passion and skillset will help us leverage and promote our technology, then we would like to hear from you. Please fill out the submission on this page. You will then receive an email with instructions on how to send us your cover letter and your CV.


QGel offers 4-6 month internship positions for students in their last years of study in the areas of biology, biochemistry, biomaterials, image analysis, office administration and sales & marketing. To apply, please fill out the form on this page and you will receive instructions by email on how to send us your cover letter and CV.

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Innovation Park
EPFL Building G
1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
T +41 21 694 0707
F +41 21 560 4957

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Innovating Drug Discovery
QGel enables drug development in a laboratory environment that accurately and reliably mimics the functioning of human organs, which means greater predictability of drug efficacy before the clinical phase. With an improved understanding of a drug’s potential, researchers spend more time and resources on the most promising therapies.

Innovating Diagnostics
QGel diagnostic tools test drug efficacy directly on tumor cells reproduced from biopsy, which means patients gain access to therapies tailored specifically to their disease. QGel advances patient outcomes, promoting personalised and accelerated treatments in an economically sustainable way.

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